Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Zombies Galore!

So I watched the 1978 version of "Dawn of the Dead" a couple nights ago, and I wasn't scared at all! That could only mean two things...

1) The movie was just too hokey
or 2) I'm getting braver

I'll opt for the latter! It's better for my self-esteem and my continuous efforts for post-zombie-pocalyptic preparations. I already know what to do in the event I get bitten, but just in case I manage to come out of it unharmed, I need to be prepared.

I don't have a lot of updates this time because... I messed up on lots of things! I made a huge booboo on the blue shawl, so big I couldn't fix it, so I started over. But on the plus side, I tried it on and it was really cute! So now I changed my mind about shawls and will definitely make myself a couple in the future.

I must be going through a zombie phase, because I also sat down to watch "Zombie Strippers." As the name would imply, it's safe to assume that the movie was campy and horrendous... which it was! I was not disappointed. The main star was Jenna Jameson, so that pretty sets up the feel of the movie pretty well. It was like Planet Terror, but with even more stripping!

I was quite shocked to see Roeper of Ebert and Roeper reviewing it. Now I don't feel as sheepish for watching it.

The only two updates I have are these:

I'm really enjoying knitting with smaller needles and thinner yarn! I always worried that the lace weight yarn would break with all my pulling and yanking, but it has been quite a trooper. I bought the plastic needles from Hobby Lobby, and they are working fantastic. I hate the clicky clacky of the metal needles, they grate on my ears. I have yet to try wooden ones, but have ordered some from Knit Picks to try out.

The doily... eh... I don't want to give up on it, but it hurts me so much. I accidentally added two double crochets to every set of seven, so there's about, a million extra DC's. As a result, it's ruffling a little, but I'll just have to block it with extra vigor. On the bright side, I did finish off a skein of doily yarn.

I went to Joann's Fabrics yesterday by myself, and it was Joeyless and peaceful. I refrained from buying a loud yarn... an interweave type of black and white doily yarn. It was only fifty cents, but I convinced myself that in reality, I'd never use it.

I finally managed to find some size nine needles there too! It has been so elusive, every store I went to were always missing size nine needles, but Joann's was the only place that was fully stocked.

Joann's actually impressed me quite a bit. It was neat and so clean in there. This particular store was a lot smaller than the normal box stores, and their inventory was quite nice! There's a good variety of wool blends that were soft and plushy. But as mentioned before, I'm most happy with their stock of needles, in that they actually have everything in stock.

Someday... I'll pick up sewing!

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alt.ayu said...

did you order the harmonies from KP? I hope you like them because I really did! I'm totally in love with them ever since i got mine haha~

I saw ur comment on my blog :) - hmm, I think I would have to say 金田一の事件簿 and Samurai X are my favorites but I do have a number of titles I like~~ how about you?