Monday, June 30, 2008


It's Monday morning and I'm unusually giddy!

I ... I... I want lots of yarn! So much that I can pile it up and perch myself at the top. And if anyone tries to make me do something I don't want to, like mopping, I can hurl knitting needles at them from the pile.

Sometimes when Maomao sleeps on top of my stash, I get really jealous because it just looks so... hedonistic! So carefree, and she's completely oblivious to her conventional bed that was so lovingly cleaned and placed under the window for her. I tried it by sleeping on top of clean (and warm) laundry and it was bliss, but Joey, aka, The Man, always tells me to fold it up.


I'm working on a blue shawl right now, and it's coming along fantastically! I'm almost afraid to say this, but I haven't messed up too seriously yet! Hopefully I won't get too cocky.

This pretty yellow shawl is for my Grandma in Shanghai! Of course, the pattern actually called for lace weight so it'd look delicate, but Mom suggested that Grandma would appreciate something warmer... so ta-da! The yarn used is the Lion Wool, color Goldenrod.

When Joey and I went to Woolie Ewe the other week, he asked about the swift and the baller... so... after some deductive reasoning, it has to be for me! (You won't ever outshine me, Maomao!) It has to be! Joey doesn't need no swifts for Warmachine, and as far as I can see, he has shown no interest in yarning. It's fun to be presumptuous.

The following yarn has been a dilemma for a while...

I bought it from Knit Picks for a couple reasons ... 1) it was cheap! and 2) I wanted to see what type of quality the site provides. Of course it's hard to tell from just two skeins, but I was satisfied.

However... now that I have it, I have no idea what to do with it. It's not a color that I would wear... and it's too thin to be really useful, and now I have over 800 yards of it! Ah!

Amelia came to the rescue though! She suggested accessories such as headbands and belts to accent an otherwise conservative outfit.

She's so smart!


exfacior said...

haha, so i'm "the man" cause I make you do your part of the bargain? is that right? hah! i was sickly AND i did all the washing and drying!

alt.ayu said...

:D I have Saint Seiya on those shelves u saw but I must admit they belong to DH. :) He loves them too but I prefer the Anime for that.

I bought the dpns first for the kp harmony. Then i realized they were so smooth and nice that I bought the interchangeables as well~ :P I love the pointy ends~!