Friday, June 13, 2008

Some pointless updates

First of all, I have to complement myself on my successful pork chops last night. All it included was just pork chops and a ready made packet of sauce from the Asian supermarket, but it turned out great! Yea for one more incredibly easy yet delicious dish!

Here are some of the Perler bead stuff I made in the past week. They're extremely easy and quick to make and make my fridge so colorful! I might do a set of coasters with them. I'll probably melt them down and then glue them to wooden squares. We'll see!

Ever since I finished the scarf for the Ravelry Scarf Exchange, I've been absolutely enthralled with scarf patterns. There are so many possibilities! I started three last week and was convinced I was going to work on them all. However, I worked on one so much that I forgot the patterns for the other two, and since reading knitting patterns is still a bit of a chore, I'll just work on one at a time. At least I tried!

Excuse our ridiculously happy comforter. It's summer and the starfish comforter is the most comfortable by far! We have another one that actually matches the shams and the bed skirt, but apparently Domestication's idea of a "Queen" was actually full, so it looks really goofy and insufficient on our Queen size bed.

I'm currently having a lot of trouble finishing things because I have just way too many projects all at once. Starting next week, I'll have to start some kind of rotation so somethings could finally get done.


Mel said...

Hm, I can't tell what the purple Perler bead thing is. :) But I'm not that proficient at Nintendo lore, so excuse the ignorance. :)

The brown scarf looks awesome, though! :D

I have start-itis, too, it's ok... :)

Piggilicious said...

The first two are from Final Fantasy V, the slightly more obscure one compared to FFVI and VIII+.

Amee said...

You have to finish a skein b/4 you switch & start working on your other project! It's the new rule!! haahaahaa!

Piggilicious said...

I adhere to no rules!