Monday, June 2, 2008

Another A-con missed......

Ever since 2000, I vowed to go to the Anime convention in Dallas. Each year something comes up and prevents me from attending. The reasons are always lame, but I have not come to the point of admitting self-sabotage. This year, the reason was ... we did too many fun things already in May.

So in celebration of not having gone this year, here's a picture of what could have happened:

We had so much fun cosplaying! Yea!! .............. :(

On a happier note though, because I was moping, Joey took me to Woolie Ewe! The yarn embargo was lifted half a month ago, and I could get lots of nice things until the end of the year. Here's some of the loot:

Well, the green variegated was from Hobby Lobby. I realized that all the projects I've made so far, I've never really made anything for myself, so I got that one for a potential scarf ... for all the cold winters we have.... -__-;;

I started a scarf with the brown one, and Joey unraveled it when I wasn't looking because he wasn't satisfied with the stitches. "It's for your own good" he said... Well, I admit, it was good for me because now I have something more satisfying as a result. But returning to an unraveled scarf was quit shocking, especially when it's done by something you trust. Ahh!

There's not that many updates this time.. mainly because I haven't done that much! I worked on a lot of things, but none of them for too long. But maybe by the end of this week I will...

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