Monday, July 14, 2008

Boy Bands Galore!

Seven gory movies later, I'm finally zombied out. So let's turn a 180 and move on to....

Asian boy bands!

I stumbled upon a Japanese boy band named Arashi last Thursday and am now infatuated with their catchy tunes and mediocre dancing. They're so embarrassing to watch, but I can't help it! Their songs are just so.. catchy! Their Chinese counter part is called F4. Literally, they're counter parts of each other! Both groups acted in the same TV drama, but just in different languages.

The dramas were based off a Shojo manga with a reverse harem... one girl and four guys, and they have high school romances and live happy lives.

I can't talk about too much anymore, or I'd lose my street cred.

I got a new haircut!

It's so short now! The hairdresser did a fantastic job, and I'm really satisfied with it. It's now so easy to take care of after showers, and brushing is a lot faster now. I might grow it out just a little longer, but not by much.

And finally... here is the biggest news over the weekend....

My yarn came in! With every order of yarn from Knit Picks, they'll give you a free Maomao. I got quite a bunch this time, my yarn mountain is getting a bit higher now. I gave Amee one of the hanks from the Seaview sampler, but everything else is mine!

Mine mine mine!

I don't have that many updates as far as projects go. I'm still working on the same things, but none of them were really picture worthy. I can't spread out the shawls for pictures lest I lose my stitches again. Sometimes it helps to be extra paranoid.

Now that I have my yarn, I can show my top 5 queue list!

All the yarn I need for those projects are in the pile of yarn shown above. Ravelry's Woolie Ewe group is thinking about participating in the Ravelypmics where you have the duration of the real Olympics to complete a new project. I think I'll join!

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