Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I'm finally done with the semester. I finished the grades a couple days ago and entered them in with the professor, got all my own grades, and even finished cleaning the apartment! As of it I still do not have a job, but I think it'll be OK. I'm going to start looking seriously in June, but I believe I deserve a break for now!

About a month ago I went through a serious doily phase.

They are all double stranded with size 10 yarn. It was my fairly successful attempt to destash much of my doily yarn. It's worked pretty well so far. And I am finally convinced now that knitting takes much less yarn than crocheting. While I cannot vouch for the single knit = single crochet, but with the sizes of some of those doilies, I would've never gotten that much out of crocheting.

After the doilies, I decided to try my hand at hats!

Not too bad! Now both Joey and I will be ready for this winter. I also made a matching scarf with my hat.


Life has been pretty decent so far. I bought Michael Fuller's book and will be continuing my classical Chinese over the summer by myself. I'll start by slowly translating Confucius's Analects and some of Mozi from the school library. These two have been translated enough by professionals that I can double check without bugging the professor to death.

Classical Chinese is crazy! But once you learn the rules, it's surprisingly easy to read. While there are a lot of ambiguous translations, the grammar is fairly straight forward once I churn through all the crazy participles.

And Maomao lost 3 pounds! She's so cute.


Bad Fish said...

I just LOVE the yarn you used on the hat/scarf!!

Piggilicious said...

Thanks! It was a Debbie Mumm yarn from Joann's Fabrics. The yarn is a bit splitty and impossible to unravel, but otherwise, it's great!

iRule said...

I also love the yarn for your hat/scarf combo! It's VERY you!

I'm sorry I am only NOW commenting on your posts. I have kind of gone off the grid for a while from posting myself or from reading the posts of my friends. Hopefully I start posting again here soon. Who knows...maybe today!