Monday, February 16, 2009

Knitting is so yesterday!

After nearly a year of nonstop knitting, I'm taking a short hiatus. As I am thinking about this, I am already almost finished with a crocheted doily!

I don't have any update pictures because I have been incredibly lazy about it. I finished one of Joey's socks and about to finish the other, but ... knitting! Bleh! I'm burned out!

I haven't finished too much stuff recently. Ever since I discovered Phantasy Star Universe, other hobbies kind of took a back seat. I think my true calling have always been mindless RPG grinding.

The last couple weeks were exciting and a bit stressful. Joey and I celebrated my birthday and our wedding anniversary last weekend. For the birthday, we went to an Asian-fusion buffet. Translation: sweet and sour stuff, some sushi, and pizza and chicken nuggets, just what you'd expect from a Chinese buffet in Texas! But at least it's not drenched in mayo.

Joey and I have stopped going to buffets since before our wedding. He can't control himself, so I have to suffer indirectly. So now we reserve buffets for special occasions that only comes once a year!

On Saturday we had CiCi's, another one of which we haven't had since my birthday last year.

Later that night we went to Medieval Times. For those of you who have never been there, it's a stadium type place where you can enjoy a dinner and a show and whole lot of screaming. The theme for this place was Middle Ages European jousting and such. It was ... noisy and messy as you're allowed one piece of napkin for your whole chicken leg and ribs. We got really nice seats right at the front and a memorabilia picture taken beforehand. We chose to do the costumes. I was a princess and Joey dressed as a dual-wielding barbarian nobleman. It would have been more convincing if not for his fair skin and obviously well-nourished physique. This king seems to be enjoying the booties of his pillage from the years past.

On Monday we went to Fogo de Chao, a fancy Brazilian meat buffet type. Waiters come out with huge hunks of meat for the customers, and you can chose which ones you want! It was very delicious, but as I'm not a big beef eater, I didn't get as much fun out of it as Joey did.

That's where the fun stopped. After four days of merrymaking, Joey got food poisoning. We're not sure how, especially because I haven't gotten sick at all despite eating the same things. But he's been ill since last Tuesday and have since driven us both crazy. His doctor finally gave him some antibiotics, and I haven't heard any groaning for the past hour or so. Either he's gotten better, or deaders.

Let's see... what else?

Classical Chinese is going great! It's not as hard as before now we're moving into prose. Translating phrases and short sentences were so difficult! Mainly because there's no distinct pronouns, and I can't figure out which it's suppose to be without more context clues. Even though that should hardly matter, but I need my pronouns in my sentences.

I'm also a little burned out on my Master's. My plan is... if I don't get a summer TA-ship, I'm going to find a full time job and finish my Masters slowly on the side. However, if I do finish up by August as I planned, then .. I might just go flip burgers for a few months until I feel like going back into academia ... I keed!

One thing I do regret though was not getting an accounting degree for my undergrad. If only I did, then I can be an FBI forensic accountant! All the ass-kicking without being in physical danger! If only I watched Law and Order earlier during my undergrad. Curses, World of Warcraft!

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ladydurer said...

Out of harms way - whatever! Didn't you see that CSI where the coroner was shot in the head??