Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Picture intensive!

I took a survey of my yarn a couple days ago. The result:

91 skeins of unused yarn
13 skeins of yarns in progress

Now of course, it's no where near enough for me to build a fort out of it, but I have at least enough for a draw bridge. This year I want to be a little more serious about destashing, so that means I'll end up making things I wouldn't before just to get rid of the extra yarn. At some point last year, I went crazy and bought too many cotton yarn for potential dishcloths. I admit freely though, I like to hang on to my stuff and use it by myself. I'm crazy ambitious like that, and possessive! It gives me a great sense of accomplishment to finish a skein all by myself.

With that said, here are some stuff I started using the leftover yarns. Well, not all of them are from leftover yarn, but I don't want to put stuff in any specific order now. Too lazy!

This is with Knit Picks Shadows, Spring Heather. The pattern is called "Gail" from here. It's the January knit-along on Ravelry. Someday, I'll finish it.

Knit Picks Essentials, Tumber. This is for Joey. He finally asked for a pair of socks. I think he asked before too, but I must have ignored him. Or... I already made a pair, and he didn't like them because they don't match. Poor Joey though, I made many people stuff already, but he hasn't gotten anything useful yet! One day, I'll finish them.

Knit Picks Essential, Golden. I originally made this with the Lion Brand Wool, but it was waaaay too heavy, so I started over with fingering weight. I'll definitely finish this one day.

Bernat Cotton Tots, Cream. Baby blanket! I'm becoming a fan of the box store cotton yarns. It's quite soft and very affordable. I think from now on, I'll use cotton for baby blankets. I like how wool drapes, but I don't like it on my skin. So I'll be the spokeswoman for all babies and use only cotton.

Knit Picks Shadow, Trails, discontinued. This is finished for Amelia! Complete with beads. The lesson I learned from this was not to use my ginormous head as a model. I kept on thinking the headband wasn't long enough, so I did what was only natural. I lengthened it and lengthened it until it was big enough for a belt. Oh well! At least I finished it.

A matching bracelet. Done also.

I Love This Cotton, pink. I love this yarn! I love it! Amee made me a hat with this yarn for Christmas. It was a wonderful hat, but again, my head was too big for the first version, so she had to redo it. Lesson learned! Cotton is not as stretchy as wool and not a desirable material for abnormally large noggins.

The blanket will have a very lacy brown border sewn on at the end.

Plymouth Encore Worsted, Green. For Lauren. The pattern is from Interweave Knits Winter 2008 issue. The pattern is a hoodie with pockets at the bottom of the scarf. I love it! When I finish it for Lauren, I might make one for myself too. Or ask Amee to make me one.... hehehehe!

Plymouth Encore Worsted, Brown. This is also for Joey. I love Joey and I love cables. It's a match made in heaven.

One day, I'll finish everything.

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alt.ayu said...

whoooo nice nice projects!!! I like all the heather colors from knitpicks - yum! I haven't tried shadows yet, but I have it in my stash. it looks like nice yarn... :) I am going to try knitting from my stash too but you know what, I have decided I will buy yarn still. just 'sometimes' ... HEHE :P Happy Lunar New Year!