Monday, August 17, 2009


Pet peeve number 39:

"I'm taking Chinese at school, but only because they're not offering Japanese."


What the hell?? What's so bad about Chinese that it's considered a fall-back option for Japanese. It's two different but equal languages, people! For people who say that, do they realize that Kanji IS traditional Chinese? It's not like Chinese is some inferior version of Japanese. And also, for anyone who tells me any more Japanese equivalence of a Chinese word when I didn't ask for a translation are going to receive a butt-kicking from Joey.


I'm Chinese, but I hold no crazy thought that the language holds any superiority to any other language. It's just as easy and hard to learn as any other language. If you grow up with it, it's going to be easier to learn it.

So here's my thought of the day, for anyone who says:

"I'm taking X only because Y isn't offered."

should probably STFU. Because you know... it sounds rude.

//hops off soap-box

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iRule said...

First off...what are your other 38 pet peeves? Do I know them?

Secondly...I totally agree with this pet peeve. I don't think any one language is superior to another. I think people should be happy they have a way to communicate to others no matter what language they use. big pet peeve about languages is that so many people have told me ASL is not a "real" language. What the heck! Sign language IS a REAL language people! They have their own syntax, sentence structure and everything! You can't tell me that it's not a language. And it isn't a handicap to be deaf either.

Ok, now I'm getting onto MY soap box....sorry hehe.