Wednesday, November 5, 2008


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I. School
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II. Knitting
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III. CrossFit
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It's that time of the semester again! It's the time when I regret goofing around all semester long, and now everything is going to snowball until the end of December. At the end of December I will breath a sigh of relief at finishing my papers, and when January comes around, I still won't learn my lesson.

I have a pretty good idea of my papers for my classes now.

For Thought in Early China:

I will investigate the portrayal of the sage-kings in both informal and philosophical writings in early China. The sources I will be using are the Legend of the Warring States and the writings from Mengzi, Mozi, and Hanfeizi. The paper will be divided into two parts where the first will examine the role of the sage-kings in folklore and flood myths. The second part will investigate the purpose of the sage-kings in early Chinese philosophy, especially in context with funeral rituals, filial piety, and governing.

For Nuclear Age: (I will still have to talk to Dr. Channell for a bit)

I hope to examine family structure and values during the Cold War era. Family dynamics often change in times of crises. I will investigate both the prescriptive form of the family dynamics through propaganda circulating during the time; for example, TV shows, magazines, and newspapers.


I have also been looking into PHD possibilities. For a long time I thought for sure I was going to do something with modern Chinese history, but could never focus it on something. The lack of knowledge was hindering me more than I thought. But with the classes I took, I managed to narrow down the scope. I really hope to do something with Chinese historiography. I am interested in history, but I love the study of the process more. As one of my classmates said, "there's only so much you can do with pure history." It's just a series of events after all. So it's my duty to connect it in a meaningful way without sounding like an encyclopedia.

I found some articles while researching about historiography during the Communist regime. It looks very promising! Once I turn in my papers, I'll have to investigate.


Now onto fun stuff! Despite being really busy, I still can't give up my knitting.

The top one I finished yesterday, and the bottom one is just an updated picture of an older doily. The top one did not turn out the exact way I wanted it to, so I may reblock it this week.

I am in crazy-doily making mode, especially the knitting kind. The site Yarn Over is my new best friend. I'm going to do every pattern on it!


Mel! I want to ask you...

Is there any way for me to go to one CrossFit session with you in Seattle? Please let me know if it can be worked out with your gym somehow.

John from CrossFit Richardson and I have been talking about this. I'm there to represent our humble little division, and I have to kick some kind of ass.

In conclusion, even though I'm terribly busy, I still like to play. Yea! A+!

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Mel said...

Greetings! Of course you can! I will email you my trainer's address; we have had several "guests" already. It seems like you get one free session, and then after that you pay a "drop in" fee for coming. :)