Friday, September 26, 2008

Some updates

I crafted quite vigorously for the past week and am almost finished with one project!

This is for my friend Ladydurer. It's coming along very nicely, much faster than I expected. Hopefully I will get it done by the end of this year and frame it for her.

This is the second of the red sock I'm making. With the second one, I have a lot mistakes due to practice and memorization of the pattern.

Finally this is for the baby of mutual friends. It's made with Bernat baby cotton and very nice to knit with. I think because of the needle size (8), the tension is quite lose and almost stretchy, something not too common with cotton thread. But for now it's bouncy and soft.


Mel said...

Oo! Very nice! I love the butterfly cross-stitch! What do the characters say (below the butterfly?)... or are they nonsense? ;)

Piggilicious said...

The word on the bottom means "auspicious." I usually don't like art with writing on it, but this one was just too pretty!

Bad Fish said...

Your crafts are so beautiful!