Friday, April 4, 2008


I'm sick of crocheting! I totally burnt myself out with those doilies. I think I'll just finish the projects I've started and move on to something else completely different.

My cycle is usually crochet-video games-cross stitch. However, I'm not quite ready to be so invested in video games, yet I'm not ready to cross stitch either. So I picked up knitting! I'm really enjoying making dishcloths, it's so fun and different, and the product is softer than the crocheted dishcloths! I'm not sure why, maybe I'm extra oily when I'm knitting or something.. ew!

I found that having a row counter is helping in ways I can't even begin to explain. I'm not messing up as much as before, and my first row after cast on are looking a lot better. Yea! I want to make dishcloths for everyone! I like them because they're so simple. I'm not quite ready for changing colors yet mainly because I hate weaving in ends. I didn't enjoy it in crochet, and I doubt I'll like it in knitting.

Joey's having a War Machine night tonight with the boys, so the girls get to go out and window shop until we're satisfied! We're going to get crepes and then look at all the plate shops and look for cute tea sets and such.

A classmate is getting married in May, and I wanted to get her something special because she's really stressed. On top of getting married, she's also moving to a house! Yikes! Just for her, I might venture to make one last doily; a medium red one to match a golden teacup I'm going to get her. It's really pretty, and once I buy it tonight, I'll post it up. (Just for you Mel! It's really cute and classy at the same time!)


Mel said...

Yay! You're so good to me! ;) If I was closer, I could just fondle everything you're making... ;)

I bet the crocheted dishcloths you're making are denser (crochet uses something like 2-3x the yarn that knitting does), and therefore they are stiffer. Plus, you crochet a lot of tiny things, so I bet you are a tight crocheter :) (ie you sometimes need to use a bigger hook than what the pattern calls for in order to get gauge?)

My Craft Blog said...

Gauge? Nevar!