Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Current Projects

This one is for Amee! It looks pretty typical now, but it'll look awesome! When I started it, it was so easy, especially because I didn't read ahead in the directions like I was suppose to. I think around round 15ish is when it's going to be crazy hard! Something about... "repeat this hard pattern 127 times....."

These were inspired by Mel! She told me about dishcloths and I got all excited and bought lots of Sugar and Cream yarn. It was really hard to get used to the thick yarn after making doilies so much, but still very enjoyable. Mom looked at them and told me they're too pretty for hard labor. I'm beginning to agree.......

This is for Joey's Mom. I've made one before with different colors for Amelia. This is taking forever though, I can't seem to get the momentum going. I think it's because I've made this before that I have no motivation. Oh well! It is really pretty though, so I'll have to work hard.

This is for Lauren. I had to tear it apart the first time because I rushed way too much. So this time I'm taking it slow and steady.

This is for Amelia's mom! It's a little hard to tell right now what it is since it's on a cream towel. I didn't think my cunning plan the whole way through while taking pictures. It's my first attempt at filet crochet, and so far it's a lot of fun! Hopefully I can finish this within the month and actually give it to her.

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