Monday, February 25, 2008

Past Projects

This was the FIRST doily I've ever made. It was for my mom for Mother's Day. I thought it was such a special pattern, but then I discovered that everyone and their dog has made this doily at some point.

This is my second darling! It's the second doily I've every made, and I was so proud of it. I love it and it loves me, but for the moment, it's at Amee's house... missing me.

I made this for my mom. I used size 3 yarn and a pretty big sized hook, but for some reason, it turned out so tiny! I really do like the pattern, so I might remake another one with size 10 yarn next time. Maomao helped me make it (by shedding profusely on it), that's why she's also in the picture.

This is my new hobby! Painting Warmachine models was a tad too taxing on my eyes, so I went with something bigger. I've always (and still do) loved giant robots. For this reason I have chosen to ignore all of laws of physics and common sense. There's no convincing me at this point anymore. This is Wing Zero from Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz.

I finished this on the cruise on our honeymoon. There's a bunch of mistakes in it and as a result, it was a bit warpy even after ironing. But that was fixed when I got home and starched the hell out of it.

This was also for my mom! I got her a Victorian ceramic doll for Christmas, and this doily was meant to match. It's a little lopsided, but it contains all of my love.

This was a baby blanket for my stepdad's side of the family. It was nice and fluffy until I washed it, and then it got kind of flimsy and not shiny. I wasn't very reluctant to let go of it, plus, Joey is too big for it anyways.

This was originally for Lauren, and then Aunt Maxine, and then my mother-in-law. By the time I finished, I was too reluctant to part with my beautiful magnolia doily.

The pattern is from Coats and Clark.

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